CONNECTION Magazine: The digital future is bright

The below article by Gabriel Galgóci, AT&T Director of Client Network Operations Management & Slovakia Country General Manager, appeared in the September/October 2015 issue of AmCham Slovakia’s CONNECTION Magazine.

The global economy is a digital one in which Information and Communication Technology is no longer a specific sector, but the foundation of the modern innovative economic system. It is creating new economies and efficiencies, increasing competitiveness and jobs.

At the core of this modern economic system is the mobile Internet. This requires ubiquitous connectivity that will enable the Internet of Things and cloud technologies to deliver new high-tech innovations. Consumers want to access content everywhere on any device. More and more objects – from cars to packages – using machine-to-machine technology need to stay seamlessly connected around the globe. Businesses need to efficiently move data across borders.

AT &T is seeing demand for M2M solutions accelerating. We have 22 million connected devices on our network – wearables, homes, cars and more. This is driving Data Analytics that in turn are improving products and services. For example, information on energy use can improve distribution, optimize power plant utilization, and facilitate more efficient pricing. Data can be useful for urban planners including making adjustments to the transport network of a city.

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