Making meaningful connections and impact; Coming together on the Senegalese Island of Carabane

This blog can be attributed to Claudia Selli, Vice President, European Union Government Affairs, AT&T, and Seynabou Sow, Director of Business Product Services, AT&T France.

Meaningful connections; meaningful impact. The weight of these words has evolved during the COVID-19 pandemic. That is why, in this difficult time, we are especially proud of our employees around the world going the extra mile to give back to communities in need.

One such project launched in February 2020: an AT&T France employee-led initiative to support students on the isolated and heavily underserved Senegalese island of Carabane.

The goals are simple but have the potential to have an outsized impact among the students and educators in this community. The project aims to:

  1. Connect students with the international landscape through technology, including internet connectivity.

  2. Improve students’ reading capabilities through the promotion of the reading with the AT&T Little Free Libraries and books.

  3. Improve staff and student daily conditions by providing personal and school supplies and through the construction of teachers’ break rooms.

  4. Through the AT&T employee-funded WiFi Internet connectivity of the local college, connect students with AT&T employees to help provide mentorship and career guidance.

The AT&T team in France collected 150 kilograms of stationary including notebooks, pens, pencils, colored pencils, pencil cases, paper, colored markers and books for the school. They also collected feminine hygiene products from our partner Fempo.

The AT&T product marketing team collaborated with the Carabane project team to provide two Little Free Library (LFL) units to promote reading and help combat isolation. These LFLs are enabled with Internet of Things (IoT) capabilities to allow AT&T remotely monitor progress made on reading.

These students and their teachers are nothing short of inspiring. We look forward to continuing our efforts on this project and to further deepening our connection to the communities of Carabane.  

At AT&T we believe our employees are our best asset. These efforts in Carabane illustrate that.

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