Helping Slovakia Students Imagine Their Possibilities

AT&T has a long history of innovation including eight Nobel Prize winners and an average of two new patents each and every day. To continue being a world leader in innovation, we must invest now to ensure a robust and well educated future talent pipeline. AT&T is committed to helping students see the connection between their classrooms and the workplace. 

In December, the AT&T centre in Košice worked with Junior Achievement of Slovakia to organize a student management conference. Junior Achievement is a nonprofit organization dedicated to preparing young people for the world of work. More than 100 high school students, representing 20 secondary schools from Eastern Slovakia, participated in the conference at the Technical University to deepen their understanding of managerial skills and discuss practical aspects of business life. The students learned the principles of effective business communication and project management, the role of a manager, and discussed the difficulties they face in the course of managing projects.

AT&T managers also presented the students with information on the various aspects of the telecommunications business and opened the eyes of students to the possibilities of their future. We hope that our vision and contribution will help the students not only to fulfill the student companies’ goals, but also in their everyday life.

Through our Aspire initiative, AT&T seeks to help students learn about careers and understand the educational and workforce skills they will need to succeed on the job. And, we will continue to invest in the future of our communities, with a strong emphasis on high school retention and workforce readiness. To read more about AT&T’s previous work with Junior Achievement Slovakia, click here.



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