Global Presence

(Courtesy of AT&T Archives and History Center)

AT&T is the world’s largest communications company. Today, we are positioned to be one of the top integrated communications providers in the world. Our merger with DIRECTV makes AT&T the largest provider of pay television services. Our 4G LTE network covers millions of people and businesses in the U.S. and Mexico. AT&T serves more than 3.5 million businesses across the globe.

Global ReachBusiness is moving faster than ever and companies around the world need to be agile to quickly adapt to changing markets. Our network and innovative platforms give them the tools to do just that—where they want it and how they want it—around the globe. We serve nearly all of the Fortune 1000. And we have a consistent strategy and a long-term investment plan to grow in emerging economies like India, China and Latin America.

Innovation: The AT&T history of innovation includes eight Nobel prizes. Our continued commitment to innovation, and innovators, means we are reaching out to entrepreneurs, application developers, and others inside and outside our company to bring innovation to our network and to our customers faster.

Citizenship & Sustainability: AT&T is committed to advancing education, strengthening communities and improving lives. Through our community initiatives, we have a long history of investing in projects that create learning opportunities, promote academic and economic achievement, or address community needs.

Mobile, Cloud Solutions: AT&T helps businesses worldwide serve their customers better with our mobility and highly secure cloud solutions.

Cyber Security: AT&T has long been a pioneer in the development of cyber security capabilities, with AT&T Labs and our cyber security organization working together closely to provide the latest technology. We have built security strategies into the underlying infrastructure for our cloud systems within the AT&T global network and we’re constantly developing new tools to detect and prevent potential damage from cyber threats for our customers.

Disaster Response: As a communications company, we have a unique role to play in disaster preparedness and response. Through our Network Disaster Recovery organization, we marshal substantial resources to help ensure the flow of both wireless and wired communications during times of need.