Fostering Aspirations of the Next Generation

The below blog is by AT&T’s Peter Daly, VP – Global Service Management

Education has always been an important part of success. It drives innovation and fosters ambition across all ages. Whether you’re getting ready for your first day of school or climbing the corporate ladder, education is important.

At AT&T, our environment is always changing. We know it’s important for people to continue learning throughout their lives. Investing in education and training is one of our key priorities. We understand that to be a successful company we need a diverse and skilled workforce that meets our needs, not just now, but in the future.

Our initiatives also mirror this attitude. This includes the AT&T Aspire program and our collaboration with Junior Achievement Europe. Together, we provide young people with the training and mentoring to succeed.

A great example of Aspire’s success is the recent JA Czech Junior Hackathon held in the Czech Republic. In its second year, 84 students from 15 different high schools registered for the event.

Mentors from AT&T and other technical experts were part of a jury that saw many original apps and solutions. The theme centered on the Internet of Things. It encouraged high school student developers to find ways to innovate in areas like smart cities and sustainability, including smart houses or air navigation.

Fifteen teams of students had 24 hours to create a smart application for one of the 5 themes. They were Smart Building, Smart City (Brno 2050), Automation, School and Education, and Open Data.

Mentors from AT&T worked with students through the night to help ensure their projects were a success. The results were astounding. We saw everything from flight tracking systems to indoor navigation. But it was the Secondary School of Informatics, Post and Finance in Brno, Czech Republic that took the grand prize with their smart home solution.

The members of the winning teams received vouchers for technical and IT equipment, and the opportunity to spend a day job shadowing at AT&T.

It’s opportunities like these that highlight the creativity and ambition of young people. These attributes will be the key to their success as they move from the classroom to the work place.

Congratulations to all who took part in the JA Czech Junior Hackathon


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