AT&T Recognized in the Czech Republic

Last month, the Czech Association of Electronic Communications (CAEC) presented AT&T with its 2013 Annual Award.

The award recognizes AT&T’s achievement in providing our employees with high-skills training and the opportunity to work with a global communications company that is driving innovation.

Since 1998, the CAEC has represented network operators and service providers in the Czech Republic. I was honoured and proud to accept the award on behalf of our employees in the country from Zdeněk Vaníček, the president of CAEC.

AT&T began operations in the Czech Republic more than 10 years ago with the objective of supporting our clients in Europe, the Middle East and Africa. The Czech Republic welcomes investment, which has allowed us to continue our growth in the region and to create new opportunities for people wanting to work within a global organization. AT&T is proud to be participating in the Czech Invest program, through which we are working with the Czech government to promote the employment and training of high-skilled jobs at our Brno Centre.

We are very thankful to the CAEC for recognising our efforts to provide good jobs and high-skills training to our employees. And, congratulations to my fellow colleagues in the Czech Republic for their everyday work to help connect our customers across the globe. Talented, dedicated people are key to our company’s success.

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