AT&T continues to evolve to embrace the challenges of tomorrow

The below blog post is by Francisco Barreto, VP External Affairs, Argentina, DIRECTV Argentina S.A.

AT&T is honored to support Mobile 360 – Latin America as an Industry Sponsor to celebrate the innovation taking place across Latin America. The company continues investing in countries to provide solutions not only to businesses, but also for lives around the world. As a global leader in mobile 5G, AT&T will help transform how the communities currently communicate, interact, and live.

For over a decade AT&T has been evolving through the digital revolution. Innovators everyday work to push the boundaries of what is possible for businesses, consumers and workers. Consumers today demand higher speeds and more connectivity. 4G has shown how transformative mobile connectivity can help society. Wireless mobile broadband has helped grow business, inspire innovation, and disrupt traditional business models.

Far-reaching mobile broadband networks and policies that promote this growth are a critical part of realizing the benefits of innovation.

Mobile connectivity technology can help achieve the goal of universal internet access, benefitting both the developed and non-developed world. For governments to keep pace with the speed of innovation, they need to facilitate a smart, light-touch regulatory environment, which supports investment and reduces barriers for global competition. The promise of 5G, the Internet of Things, artificial intelligence, and machine-to-machine learning have placed us on the cusp of the 4th industrial revolution.

Today AT&T is a global leader in mobile 5G. This year, we announced plans to deploy mobile 5G in parts of nearly 20 U.S. cities in late 2018 and early 2019, and we expect to keep the expansion momentum going in 2019. We are witnessing an increasing demand for connectivity arising for AI, smart cities, and automated vehicles. According to CTIA (Cellular Telecommunications Industry Association), 5G technology will be able to power 100 times the amount of data compared to the current 4G network in both terms of speeds and ultra-low latency. This will help usher in new technology that will transform how our countries and communities currently communicate, interact, and how people around the world live their everyday lives.

AT&T will be at Mobile 360 – Latin America in Buenos Aires. Karim Lesina participated in the roundtable discussion: From Spectrum to Competition – Latin America Regulation. We also welcome you to come by the DIRECTV stand in the Innovation Showcase.

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