AT&T Celebrates Growth in Kosice Slovakia

Today, our customers work and live in virtually every country and territory in the world, and we’re using the latest innovations to connect people across the globe. Europe is an incredibly important region for AT&T. Across the continent we support large business customers with advanced communication services, new and emerging applications, cloud computing and leading mobility solutions.

Our business customers are finding new ways to speed growth and operate more productively with fully connected solutions.  And, as our business customers and our economies have gone global, so has AT&T.

In 2006, AT&T officially opened a centre in Košice Slovakia with 11 employees, performing engineering functions and the centre has continuously expanded ever since. Last week, we were excited to host an ‘open day’ at our newly refurbished centre in Košice where we now have a workforce of around 600 people helping to support our global clients.

AT&T’s Kevin Peters provides remarks at the ‘open day’ for our newly refurbished centre in Košice.

Guests at the AT&T event included Richard Raši, Mayor of Košice, Peter Pellegrini, Digital Leader for Slovakia and State Secretary of the Ministry of Finance of the Slovak Republic, and His Excellency Theodore Sedgwick, the United States Ambassador to Slovakia. Also representatives of the Kosice Region and Technical University of Kosice attended the celebration. The event was hosted by Kevin Peters, AT&T Executive Vice President, Global Customer Service; and Andy Dzerovych, Senior Vice President, Service Delivery.

This investment in Slovakia has been made possible for several reasons: First, the availability of a well-educated, highly-skilled, and highly-motivated workforce in the heart of the rapidly expanding Central and Eastern European market is key. Second, Slovakia has developed its economy in the early years of the twenty- first century and has fostered an economic environment that welcomes and encourages our investment.

As Peter Pellegrini noted:
Investments in the ICT sector, combined with the generation of highly qualified and highly specialized positions are testimony to the fact that the measures taken by the government to support the business environment in the country are yielding tangible results.”

AT&T’s employees in Slovakia are focused on supporting the needs of multi-national corporations worldwide. The Košice centre specializes in router configuration, network engineering and supply management for AT&T’s multinational customers around the world; its range of positions is broad enough to enable career growth and new skill development.

AT&T’s Eric Loeb talks with potential job seekers during Job World 2013.

As part of our celebration last week, Eric Loeb, AT&T’s Vice President for International External Affairs, also participated in Job World 2013 sponsored by AT&T at the Steel Arena in Košice. The event allowed thousands of job seekers to meet top exhibitors, to experience interesting programs and to participate in competitions. Eric spoke to the participants about opportunities at AT&T in Slovakia.

We are very thankful to the local businesses, and economic and political leaders in Košice for creating such a positive environment for a global company like AT&T.

Finally, I congratulate all of our colleagues working in Slovakia, who every day demonstrate an inspiring level of skill, enthusiasm, and motivation to create an effortless experience for AT&T’s customers around the world.

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