AT&T Brno Employee Receives MVP Award

Being able to represent AT&T in Central and Eastern Europe, I often have the privilege of highlighting our workforce in Brno, Czech Republic, where our employees have shown a strong passion for technology and their community.

AT&T’s presence in Brno began in 2008 when various functions in the Europe-Middle East-Africa region were consolidated in one central location. Today, we’re one of the largest employers in the region and offer a wide range of employment opportunities. We have over 45 different nationalities, working together with international colleagues to share expertise and resources to satisfy the needs of clients around the globe.

Just last year, we celebrated a momentous occasion at the AT&T Centre in Brno – exceeding a workforce of 1,000 people. I’d like to take a moment to highlight one of those employees: Marek Chmel.

This month, Marek was named a Microsoft® Most Valuable Professional (MVP). The Microsoft MVP Award recognizes exceptional technology community leaders worldwide who actively share their high quality, real world expertise. They help people solve problems and discover new capabilities every day. There are less than 4,000 MVPs around the world. Marek was one of approximately 370 awarded in SQL Server category – and the only one in the Czech Republic and Slovakia. He was also appointed as the Microsoft Certified Trainer – Regional Lead for the Czech Republic.

In addition to technical expertise, the award also acknowledges the person’s willingness to help others, and a commitment to community. For three years, Marek has mentored students participating in the Brno AT&T Training Center.

We started the AT&T Training Center program nearly four years ago. This six-month internship program is aimed at university students in technical and IT fields and allows participants to enrich their theoretical knowledge with practical experience. During the program, dedicated AT&T mentors – like Marek – coach students and help them with a specialization in one of three areas: management of computer networks, business intelligence and security in information technology. Marek’s work is helping the graduates gain invaluable practical skills so they might one day become the next MVP.

On behalf of the AT&T team here in Europe, I’d like to congratulate Marek on his outstanding accomplishments to help support the tech community and students in the Czech Republic.


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