AT&T Believes Launches in Slovakia and the Czech Republic!

“As our business reach continues to grow internationally, so should our involvement in making our communities better places to live and work.”

– Karim Lesina, SVP IE&RA, AT&T

At AT&T, our employees’ spirit of service is at the heart of our company, extending their impact beyond the workplace and deep into our communities. That’s why I’m excited to announce that together with our employees, we recently launched AT&T Believes SlovakiaSM and AT&T Believes Czech RepublicSM. AT&T BelievesSM is a company-wide, locally-driven effort to create positive change in our communities.  It harnesses our employees’ generosity, layers in company resources, and joins with suitable partners to make an even bigger impact on local communities and society at large. The new initiatives in Slovakia and the Czech Republic mark our first steps to move AT&T Believes SM beyond the US, and reach communities worldwide!

AT&T Believes SM began in 2018 when our employees in Chicago, Illinois identified nineteen neighborhoods particularly affected by violence and high unemployment. Our employees coordinated a grassroots initiative focused on hiring, volunteerism, and contributions to lift the community by helping people find opportunities in education, careers, and life. Since Believe ChicagoSM launched, more communities have joined the Believe movement, with initiatives in thirty-eight localities launched across the United States.  

Watching our U.S. based colleagues dedicate their time to creating a better future for their communities has been inspiring. Our employees in the Czech Republic and Slovakia have been enthusiastic volunteers in their communities since AT&T established a presence in the two countries. We are eager for the opportunity to expand these efforts further and to engage our international employee base in our commitment to spur positive change. “This launch provides a new platform that advances volunteerism at AT&T and allows employees to support our local communities better, through service” says AT&T’s Zoltan Labai.

“I am honored to help bring the “give back” spirit of AT&T into our workplaces and communities here in Central Europe. I am also extremely grateful to all of our volunteers. Their hard work and selflessness is noticed and appreciated both in the community and across AT&T at large.”

– Filip Svab, Executive Director, IE&RA, AT&T

In Slovakia, our efforts are focused on supporting a multitude of charities that provide medical, housing and educational assistance to those in need. These charities include:

  • DePaul Charity – In Bratislava, Depaul Charity is helping to support 250 people in need of housing and medical assistance.
  • Smile As A Gift – In Košice, Smile As A Gift is helping families in need gain access to medical assistance, food and shelter.
  • Aj ty v IT – In Slovakia, AJ ty v IT provides various STEM workshops, IT summer camps and courses for both women and girls.

In the Czech Republic, AT&T is collaborating with non-profit organizations to provide humanitarian, medical, and educational aid. These non-profit organizations include:

  • ParaCENTRUM Fenix – In Brno, ParaCENTRUM Fenix offers health, social and legal services to help those affected by spinal cord injuries readjust to everyday life.
  • Czechitas – In Praha, Czechitas provides various STEM workshops, IT summer camps and courses for women and girls.
  • ADRA CZ – In Brno, ADRA CZ runs a volunteer center that helps the create connections and relieve loneliness among elderly, social isolated and sick people.

AT&T believes in being there for our customers and communities, and we hope our efforts will have a positive and long-lasting impact in Slovakia and the Czech Republic. We are looking forward to working with organizations focused on community needs to create a better future across the globe.

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