AT&T Believes Launches in India!

This blog can be attributed to Jared Dougherty, Assistant Vice President – International External Affairs – Asia, AT&T. 

At AT&T, we know that healthy communities are the foundation of healthy companies. As a global company with a strong local presence across the world, the spirit of service is at the heart of our business. That is why we are excited to announce that together with our employees, we are launching AT&T BelievesSM in India. Our people and assets are at the front lines of community service nearly everywhere, and we cannot wait to bring this to India.  

Locally-focused and employee-led, AT&T Believes flips the script on top-down, corporate, community engagement. That is what makes it special. Last year, our employees volunteered more than 1.4 million hours and gave nearly $30M to over 30,000 nonprofit organizations across the country and around the globe.

“Addressing food insecurity is fundamental to building futures and achieving dreams. It is both humbling and energizing for the AT&T and WarnerMedia India family to support Akshaya Patra and their efforts through the Believes initiative.” Jared Dougherty – AVP International External Affairs Asia, AT&T

Through Akshaya Patra Foundation USA, AT&T Believes India is supporting Akshaya Patra’s Mid-Day Meal program, which serves as an incentive for children to stay in school in order to get a proper education, to improve socialization among children, and to empower women through employment opportunities. The contribution from AT&T is expected to:

  • Provide 500,000 mid-day meals to children in Bangalore, Hyderabad, Chennai, Delhi and Mumbai.

  • Help ensure access to meals for more than 2,200 children for the entire school year thereby encouraging enrollment and continued attendance.

  • Facilitate collaboration between AT&T and Akshaya Patra Foundation USA on technological innovation in the Beyond Meals program, specifically the Model School pilot program.

“It’s a joy for our employees to contribute to the life changing work of Akshaya Patra through AT&T Believes India. By aspiring and collaborating for change in our communities, each one of us can make a difference.”- Paul Rosenbaum – EVP AT&T Customer Service & Ops.

“Akshaya Patra is excited to collaborate with AT&T,” said Vandana Tilak, CEO of Akshaya Patra Foundation USA. “We look forward to a long-standing collaboration with AT&T, benefitting children, and bringing us closer to our mission of eliminating classroom hunger.”

AT&T BelievesSM began in 2018 when our employees in Chicago, Illinois identified 19 neighborhoods particularly affected by violence and high unemployment. Our employees coordinated a grassroots initiative focused on hiring, volunteerism and contributions to lift the community by helping people find opportunities in education, careers and life.

“As part of the AT&T family, we are very proud to be actively participating in the launch of AT&T Believes in India. We have always been a big believer in giving back to the local communities where we live and work. This new model for AT&T volunteerism in support of Akshaya Patra’s meal program enables us to do just that.” – Clement Schwebig Head of Korea, South East and South Asia, WarnerMedia

Since Believe ChicagoSM launched, more communities have joined the Believe movement, with 39 markets launched across the United States. Most recently, we took the business international and launched AT&T Believes Slovakia and AT&T Believes Czech Republic in September. The time and energy that our colleagues have invested in helping create a better future for their communities has been inspiring. We are eager to expand our efforts and become a part of the positive change internationally.

“Now more than ever, our values are critical to guiding our work as a company. The launch of AT&T Believes India and our collaboration with Akshaya Patra Foundation USA embodies our commitment to communities. I am proud of the team in India and I cannot wait to see the positive impact our employees will have on the local communities,” said Andrew Reinsdorf, Senior Vice President, WarnerMedia Government Relations & AT&T International Public Affairs.

At AT&T, we pride ourselves on being there for our customers and communities around the world. With AT&T Believes India, we are excited to continue our localized efforts to create positive change.

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