In exciting news, on May 1st, Alexandros Koronakis joined AT&T as Assistant Vice President of International External and Regulatory Advocacy for Southern Europe.

Alexandros will be responsible for directing and coordinating government affairs matters for AT&T business units in Southern Europe, mostly Spain, Greece, Cyprus, Bulgaria, Romania and the rest of the Balkans. He will work closely with the different businesses of the company to identify and pursue opportunities in the key Southern Europe capitals and in Brussels to advance the global and regional policy objectives of AT&T and its operating companies. Additionally, he will oversee the analysis of governmental and intergovernmental policy decisions and market entry opportunities with a focus on the production and distribution of motion picture and television content, online piracy and protection of intellectual property, telecom and internet regulatory policy.

“Alexandros’ leadership skills, along with his strong understanding of the political and socio-economic landscape in Europe, are the perfect background to drive our external and regulatory affairs in the southern part of the region,” said Karim Lesina, Senior Vice President, International and External Regulatory Affairs. “I look forward to working with Alexandros on key issues in those countries.”

Before joining AT&T, Alexandros was the Editor and CEO of the New Europe newspaper and Founder of Our World magazine. He was elected to the board of the Association of European Journalists in Belgium, first as Vice President (2017-2019), and then as Secretary General (2019-2020).

Alexandros holds a MSc in Cognitive and Decision Science from University College London and an MA in Political Strategy and Communication from University of Kent. He earned a BA in Communication from Vesalius College. He is fluent in English, Greek and intermediate French.

We welcome Alexandros to the AT&T family!

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