A Collaborative Research Effort: Japan Digital Agenda 2030

As the world enters a new and transformative digital era in which companies and governments rapidly embrace digital technologies and digital ways of working, Japan faces a strategic imperative: reigniting productivity and growth through digital transformation.

In 2020, Japan stood as the world’s third largest economy, underpinned by an endowment that includes a top education system, leadership in sectors such as industrial and automotive manufacturing, high-quality infrastructure, as well as a professional culture infused with a strong work ethic and valuable methods to produce high-quality goods and services.

However, while Japan’s trade leadership and policy thought leadership maintain high global stature, productivity and digital competitiveness are not commensurately recognized. The Japanese government and industry can help drive change by embracing digitization and innovation across its creative economy.

One example of tangible work being done to assist in this change is the American Chamber of Commerce in Japan’s (ACCJ) recent publication: Japan Digital Agenda 2030. This collaborative research effort, involving AT&T, McKinsey & Company and the ACCJ, among other, provides a ten-year road map for the digital transformation of Japan’s economy and society. The research identifies “Big Moves” that Japan can make to pursue transformational levels of digital talent, digital industry and government transformation, while fostering a Japanese generation of digital businesses.

AT&T and WarnerMedia have been a part of the Japanese digital and creative community since 1985, and we’re excited to be participating in this ongoing research effort, which features technology use cases across manufacturing, healthcare, finance, retail sector and government services. It also describes the digital transformation barriers and enablers to achieve growth related moves. 

I’m proud of the role that our teams have been privileged to play in facilitating communications and innovations that let global companies from Japan and abroad, serve clients, and improve productivity, while also bringing people together and helping creative communities share stories build bridges between Japan and a world audience. In a coming blog, I’m excited to expand on this last point and talk about how technology and effective policy help the creative community and industry share Japanese stories and talent with the world.

The ACCJ Japan Digital Agenda 2030 can be downloaded from here.

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